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About this Dreamweaver Package Install

This Dreamweaver package installer should have installed the Dreamweaver files, graphic files, and related files onto your computer in this default location:

C:\Program Files\ThemeGallery\Dreamweaver\Travel01_Flash_dw

Where to Start

This Dreamweaver package comes with 10page templates.

This Dreamweaver package contains several library items(12 images included)

The templates have specified editable areas which you may change, and you will probably find the template very flexible.

>> Setting up Your Web Site
In Dreamweaver, define a web site. In Windows Explorer, browse to the location specified above (or if you modified the location, browse there). Copy all of the files and subdirectories and paste them into your web site folder.

At this point, you may either edit the index page directly or create a new page using the page templates. To create a new page using the page templates, go to File/New from Template and choose one of the two templates.

After reading the "Read Me" content, delete it and insert your own content. (The "read me" content is a library item and can be easily deleted.)
You may add your own text links for navigation bars, or edit the included image files and build your own navigation bar.

Additional Helpful Information

How to edit your navigation
- You can only change the navigation in the "main_laout.dwt" file.

1. Horizontal navigation
1) Change the hyperlink after editing the text to what you want in each cell.
2) To add a navigation menu, add a cell to the left and use the "bg_gbtn1.gif" or "bg_gbtn2.gif" file in images folder as a background.

2. Vertical navigation
1) Open the "button.psd" file which is located in psd folder in Photoshop program and change the name of menu to what you want.
2) Jump to Image Ready and optimize it to an animation GIF file. (or you can use other software to make it into an animation GIF file)

Changing Layout
Open the main_layout.dwt file(template) from the template folder.
You can change the layout of template.

Included Graphics
We give you 3 psd files to edit the layout.
layout.psd, button,psd, bullet_bnr.psd you will be able to edit the layout of the layout as you want. Includes all bullets and icons used for template.

If you have any problem in installing templates, please email us to support@themegallery.com